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Upcoming Webinar: EBP #3, Modernizing EBP Decision Making
19 May 2022
Many physiotherapists learned the 3-part model of evidence-based practice during their entry to practice education, with overlapping circles representing best available evidence, provider expertise, and patient values and circumstances. This presentation will discuss the alignment of these 3 elements, and importantly, present solutions for when they don’t align.  Is there a new way to view this old model to help us make better clinical decisions?
Health Equity and Indigenous Peoples.jpg
Health Equity and Indigenous Peoples
27 April 2022
Dr. Roach will draw on her research related to how colonization, adverse childhood experiences and intergenerational trauma impact cognitive development and cognitive decline later in life, to increase attendees’ understanding of:
Professionalism in the Era of Social Media
17 March 2022
Social media use among regulated health professionals is increasingly common. With increasing activity there has also been an increase in concerns and complaints received by health profession regulators related to professional conduct on social media platforms.
EBP#2: Read the Methods First!
17 February 2022
When reading quantitative studies comparing interventions, it is important to remember the common sources of bias, and to be able to identify when a bias has been “baked-into” a study design.
Weight Bias and Stigma in Physiotherapy Practice
20 January 2022
This thought-provoking webinar discusses the issue of weight stigma in physiotherapy practice.
LGBTQ Affirming Care
16 December 2021
This session will raise awareness of medical trauma and the ongoing implications of such trauma among members of gender and sexual minority communities. Highlighting common missteps and providing practical suggestions for inclusive practice will help participating physiotherapists to adopt and expand inclusive language and practices.
What Does It Mean to Be a Professional in 2021?
18 November 2021
Although it can be easy to identify when an interaction with a health professional doesn’t “feel right”, defining professionalism can be difficult. Can a person “learn” to be a professional? If so, how can we develop our professionalism skills? How has the concept of professionalism changed over time? How does culture and context factor into a person’s understanding of what it means to be a professional?
EBP#1: What Every Physiotherapist Should Know About the Current State of Evidence-Informed Practice
21 October 2021
The first webinar in a three-part series on evidence-based practice. What is evidence? How do we know what we know? Is there one true, knowable reality? The first chapter of the series talks about the big picture of what we mean when we talk about evidence.
What Does It Mean To Be A Member Of A Self-Regulating Profession In 2021?
23 September 2021
The physiotherapy profession became a self-regulated profession in Alberta, governed by the then College of Physical Therapists of Alberta, over 35 years ago. Decades later, does professional self-regulation still matter?
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: An Overview of the Basics
28 July 2021
This 90-minute presentation is an introductory guide to provide a starting point to learn about equity, diversity, and inclusion. This presentation provides a broad overview of awareness of EDI issues and engagement practices that support a climate of equity and inclusion within health-care settings.

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