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Funds for Therapy and Counselling

The Health Professions Act Bill 21 requires the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta to provide funding for treatment and/or counselling for patients who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual misconduct by a physiotherapist while a patient.

Overview of Funds

  • A patient may access funds for up to five years or until the maximum amount of funding has been provided, whichever occurs first.
  • Funds cease if the complaint is dismissed.
  • The patient may choose any regulated health professional to provide treatment or counselling, subject to the following restrictions:
    • The regulated member does not have a conflict of interest (i.e., not a family member)
    • The regulated member is in good standing with their regulatory college
  • Funding can only be used to cover the cost of treatment or counselling.
  • The maximum amount of funding available to a patient is $22,500.


To apply

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta uses a third-party to administer the fund that also offers treatment and counselling services or will manage payment to a qualified provider of the patient’s choice.

To apply for funding contact the Conduct Coordinator at 780.438.0338 or complaints@cpta.ab.ca.

Other treatment and counselling services

Community resources may also be available. Contact the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services for services in your area.

Page updated: 21/04/2022