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Council Appointment

The College of Physiotherapists accepts applications for vacant Council positions beginning early in the calendar year. Two vacant Council positions must be filled by members on the General Register who reside in Alberta.

In 2022, after a thorough evaluation of the current Council election process, Council announced the decision to move to competency-based appointments.

Council is composed of individuals who govern the physiotherapy profession in the public interest, including six regulated members of the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta and the number of public members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council in accordance with the Health Professions Act. Council terms are staggered to facilitate continuity of Council operations and decision-making, with the terms of two of the regulated members serving on Council ending each year.

Historically, the College has held an election each spring to fill the two regulated member Council vacancies, with new Council members beginning their terms in June.

Council has transitioned to a competency-based appointment process, where each year the skills, knowledge, and attributes of existing Council members will be assessed to determine where gaps may exist as the terms of the two regulated members serving on Council expire. Council will then recruit individuals to fill the two vacancies, focusing on filling the gaps identified during the assessment process.

This transition to competency-based appointments opens up opportunities for regulated members that did not wish to put their names forward in the previous election format.

College Conversations Episode 45: Regulating in the Public Interest - The Council Member Selection Process
Changing the Council Selection Process

Council is the governing body responsible for setting policy and strategic direction. Council is made up of:

  • Six physiotherapists appointed to Council.
  • Six government appointed public members who provide valuable and insightful public input and perspective into Council's policy and decision-making process.

Council is responsible for:

  • Fulfilling our mandate to serve and protect Albertans by regulating the profession within the legal framework.
  • Leading and guiding the profession through policy and standard development.
  • Approving standards of practice, code of ethics and practice guidelines.
  • Developing a strategic plan, monitoring progress, and reporting to government on its activities.
  • Proposing changes to governing legislation.
  • Approving the annual budget.
  • Setting member fees.
  • Working collaboratively with the Registrar.

Council also has specific legislative duties to hear conduct and registration appeals.

Meet the Council members continuing to serve.

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta’s mission is to safeguard and serve the public through effective regulation of the practice of physiotherapists in Alberta.

Serving on Council is rewarding work. Becoming a Council member allows you to lead and regulate the physiotherapy profession to ensure Albertan’s receive safe, effective and quality physiotherapy care. A Council member will gain insight into the College and regulation while developing new skills.

Every council member brings their own knowledge, skills and experience and it is this diversity that helps Council to succeed.

To understand the current needs and the core competencies expected from both individual council members and the Council as a whole; we encourage those interested in being a council member to review the Council Composition Matrix for the attributes, competencies and experiences that will support applicants in serving on Council should they be appointed. This matrix will help applicants identify which strengths, perspectives, and experiences to highlight when applying that will add value to the current Council. This matrix is by no means an exhaustive list; however, it will give applicants a sense of the attributes, competencies and experiences the College is looking for in Council members.

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta does not expect any one Council member to have all of the attributes, competencies and experiences listed. By building a council on the basis of competencies and knowledge each individual brings, we create a council that as a group represents the expertise needed for accountability and success.

Regulated physiotherapists interested in a position on Council must complete the following education module.

Council Applicants Course

Being a council member requires commitment of time. Those interested in applying for a vacant council position should reflect on how council responsibilities might affect your other routine activities should you be appointed.

Council members are appointed for a three-year term renewable once. Council members commence their term of office on the date of the first meeting of Council following their appointment. The meeting is held in the month of June.

Being a Council member requires a time commitment to:

  • Attend, in person, scheduled meetings (four one-day Council meetings per year, typically held in Edmonton on a Saturday).
  • Attend additional strategic planning sessions, education sessions or events as necessary.
  • Prepare for meetings. Materials are distributed in advance of the meeting and the actual amount of time to prepare may vary depending on the agenda.
  • Travel to meetings.
  • Provide input on issues as they arise between Council meetings.
  • Be engaged and participate in all Council functions.

Support for the Council is a key responsibility of the Registrar. Success in leading the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta forward comes with a shared vision and respect for the competencies that each person brings to Council whether staff or volunteer leaders.

The Registrar works to provide policy and leadership support that results in effective decision making and helps to build a collaborative, respectful working relationship.

Aside from ongoing support provided by the Registrar you can expect:

  • An orientation session prior to the first meeting to help you fully understand the governing legislation and your responsibilities, the organization's structure, status of the current strategic direction and financial matters.
  • Comprehensive material, in advance of meetings, to help you understand the issues to be discussed and key issues and/or actions.
  • Reimbursement for travel and other meeting related expenses.
  • A per diem for attending meetings: $200 for attending a meeting up to 3 hours, and $400 for attending a meeting over 3 hours. One meeting preparation per diem per meeting of $200.
Call for Applications

The Registrar will place a call for applications for regulated member vacancies on Council each year.

The College will send a Direct Message to each regulated member on the general register providing notice of the:

  1. Positions available for appointment
  2. Method, timing and processes for the recruitment
  3. Applicant requirements
Applying for Appointment

Regulated members interested in becoming a Council member must submit their application during the call for applications period using the online form. This is the only format that may be used to submit an application.

It is suggested applicants complete the application as early as possible in the application period in case there are any technical issues that need to be addressed. Applicants may contact CPTA at if they have questions or need clarification on requirements for the application.

Who May Apply

There are two council positions that become vacant in June of each year.

To be eligible for appointment to Council, a candidate must be:

  1. A regulated member of the College on the general register;
  2. A resident of Alberta; and
  3. Compliant with all orders or directions made pursuant to the Health Professions Act.

A regulated member is not eligible for appointment to Council if:

  1. They had their practice permit suspended or their registration cancelled following a finding or admission of unprofessional conduct under Part 4 of the HPA within the past five years;
  2. There is an unconcluded proceeding under Part 4 of the HPA;
  3. They are currently subject to an undertaking, a condition imposed under Part 4 of the HPA or a direction under section 118 of the Act;
  4. Fees, costs, fines, levies or any other sums are owed to the College by the individual;
  5. They have been employed at the College within the past five years; or
  6. They have been an officer or a senior employee of a professional association or a labour union that represents members of a regulated health profession within the past five years.

A regulated member is not eligible for appointment to Council if the regulated member is, at the time the appointment would take effect:

  1. An officer, or a senior employee of a professional association or a labour union that represents members of a regulated health profession; or
  2. A Member of the Legislature of Alberta or a Member of Parliament.
Governance Committee and Interview Process

The Governance Committee aims to have a diverse and inclusive Council mix by evaluating applications of regulated members for Council appointments, interviewing candidates and recommending appointments to Council with respect to the eligible applicants who best fit Council’s need to fill current or upcoming vacancies.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview to help the Governance Committee determine their recommendations for appointment to Council.

Recommendations to Council and Official Appointments

The Governance Committee will work collectively to make recommendations of appointment to Council and has no individual authority. Council will review all recommendations and determine official Council appointments by majority vote.

Withdrawal of Application

A candidate may withdraw from the recruitment process at any time before the candidate selection by notifying the College in writing at

Notification of Council Appointments

Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application prior to the appointment announcement being shared with all regulate members.

Official Council member appointments will be posted to the College website within five business days following the appointment.

Call for Expression of Interest Applications

February 1, 2024

Applications Acceptance Period

February 1 - March 1, 2024

Application Deadline*

March 1, 2024 at 11:59 PM MST

Application Review Period

March 4 - March 15, 2024

Virtual Interviews (if required)

March 18 - April 5, 2024

Recommendations are Finalized

April 8 - 12, 2024

Council Considers Recommendation (virtual)

April 15 - 19, 2024

Notification of Appointment

No later than May 3, 2024


May 2024

Term Begins

June 8, 2024

Page updated: 31/01/2024