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Mandatory Reporting

Mandatory reporting

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA) s. 57, employers are legally obligated to report the termination, suspension or resignation of a physiotherapist for reasons of unprofessional conduct, incapacity or incompetence as soon as reasonably possible. Reporting helps the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta maintain public and patient safety and best interest.

If an employer has reasonable grounds to believe that the conduct of a physiotherapist constitutes sexual abuse or sexual misconduct, the employer must notify the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta as soon as possible.  

“Employment” includes a physiotherapist providing professional services as a paid or unpaid employee, consultant, contractor or volunteer.

An employer who contravenes this section 57 is guilty of an offense and liable

  1. for a first offence, to a fine of not more than $4,000,
  2. for a 2nd offence, to a fine of not more than $8,000, and
  3. for a 3rd and every subsequent offence, to a fine of not more than $12,000.

How to Report

To initiate the complaint process, the HPA requires the complaint to be submitted in writing. You may choose to use the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta's fillable complaint reporting form.

All written complaints must include:

  • Name, address and daytime telephone number (email address is optional)
  • Physiotherapist’s name
  • Incident date, time and location
  • Specific details and all pertinent supporting information
  • Your signature

Submit your written complaint by mail, fax or email to:
College of Physiotherapists of Alberta
Suite 300 Dorchester Building
10357 109 Street Edmonton AB T5J 1N3
Fax: 780.436.1908

Page updated: 26/09/2023