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Clinical Examination Updates

The successful completion of a clinical competency examination approved by Council is a registration requirement established in Section 3(c) of the Physical Therapists Profession Regulation (PTPR). As long as this requirement exists in the legislation there will continue to be a clinical examination.

Physiotherapy Alberta is aware of the efforts of several Canadian physiotherapy organizations to review examination best practices and registration requirements. However, until that work is complete, recommendations known, and amendments accordingly made to the Physical Therapists Profession Regulation, individuals seeking admittance to the General Register will be required to complete a clinical competency examination approved by Council. As we have highlighted in prior messages, the process to conduct these reviews, review recommendations and complete any required policy or legislative amendments is expected to take an extended period.

In the interim, the College must fulfill its mandate and responsibilities to the public, ensuring all individuals admitted to the General Register are competent and qualified to provide physiotherapy services to Albertans.

Click here for more information on the Clinical Examination.

Last month the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta released details of eligibility for future clinical competency examinations. Clinical Examination information can be found here.

This is a reminder that eligible individuals who are former regulated members of Physiotherapy Alberta whose registration was cancelled after January 1, 2017, and who have not exhausted their eligibility in the Clinical Component of the PCE administered by the CAPR will only receive direct communication from the College notifying them when the examination registration is open if they have provided their contact information using the form provided.

Individuals belonging to this group are no longer regulated members, therefore Physiotherapy Alberta does not have accurate, up to date contact information for these individuals. Even if these individuals have been in contact with the college about the status of the clinical examinations and eligibility in recent months, they must complete the form.

We are publishing this reminder notice in our newsletter as it is a public document and read by former and potential registrants.

Page updated: 05/01/2023