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Who We Are

The stated mission of the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta (CPTA) is to safeguard and serve the public interest through effective regulation of the practice of physiotherapists in Alberta. We believe every patient deserves access to core health services such as physiotherapy. By ensuring the right systems and processes are in place, CPTA is able to meet the public’s expectations for the delivery of safe and effective physiotherapy.

What We Do

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta (CPTA) has been responsible for safeguarding Albertans since 1985. Patients and families expect high quality professional care, and we hold the trust they place in our regulated members to be paramount. Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession in Alberta, and CPTA operates under the authority of Alberta’s Health Professions Act, Physical Therapists Profession Regulation, and the College’s bylaws to:

  • Safeguard the public’s interests.
  • Set and enforce practice and professional standards.
  • Register only qualified and competent physiotherapists.
  • Ensure registered physiotherapists are of good character and reputation.
  • Administer a continuing competence program.
  • Investigate public and patient concerns about physiotherapy services received.
  • Support member understanding of, and adherence to, their regulatory responsibilities.


To safeguard and serve the public through effective regulation of the practice of physiotherapists in Alberta.


Excellence in health professional regulation to achieve the delivery of safe, effective and quality physiotherapy for all Albertans.

Our Promise

We are committed to the safe, effective delivery of quality physiotherapy for all Albertans by regulating physiotherapists’ practices.

Our Story

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta (CPTA) exists to safeguard the public by regulating the practice of physiotherapy in Alberta. We continually strive for excellence in the delivery of physiotherapy services through establishing performance standards for our regulated members to ensure that all Albertans receive quality physiotherapy, regardless of age, condition or location.

CPTA ensures registered physiotherapists are qualified to practice; are of good character and reputation; and have the appropriate training, education and skills to provide competent, ethical and professional physiotherapy care to Albertans. Our focus is safeguarding the public and we are not an advocacy group for physiotherapists.

Regulated physiotherapists in Alberta complete an extensive university-level education in preparation for entry to practice, and often work as members of multidisciplinary health-care teams. As experts in physical function, movement and mobility, physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat physical symptoms and limited movement caused by injury, aging, disability, or medical condition.

Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession in Alberta, and our governing council is comprised of six physiotherapists (elected by peers) and six public members (appointed by government).

The Council leads the College in fulfilling its mandate of serving and safeguarding the public through regulating registered physiotherapists in Alberta.

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Page updated: 15/06/2022