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Understanding the Complexities of the Indigenous Health Crisis

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18 June 2024

8:00 AM (MT)

**This webinar (previously scheduled in April) has been rescheduled with a new date.

Understanding the Complexities of the Indigenous Health Crisis

In this session, Randal facilitates a greater appreciation for the complexities that contribute to the Indigenous health crisis in Canada. Using personal and professional experiences, Randal explores the genesis of the Indigenous health crisis and the many socioeconomic factors that exacerbate it. Randal then moves into the current state of the Indigenous health crisis, exploring structural and systemic challenges that create barriers to Indigenous health service access and utilization. After pulling back the curtains on a health crisis that can only get worse, Randal presents an alternative path, one that is rooted in hope, forgiveness and Reconciliation. Randal concludes with a roadmap to de-colonizing health services, ensuring everyone understands the important role they play in the journey to Reconciliation.

This webinar presentation will help to advance Indigenous cultural safety in physiotherapy practice by:

  • Increasing attendee awareness of intergenerational trauma and its lasting effects within Indigenous communities.
  • Highlighting the connections between colonialism, intergenerational trauma, social determinants of health, and the inequitable health outcomes experienced by Indigenous Peoples.
  • Providing guidance to physiotherapists on how to provide culturally safe, trauma-informed physiotherapy services and be a better ally to Indigenous clients and communities.

Randal Bell’s Cree name is Asiniy Maskwa ("Stone Bear"). He is a member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation in Saskatchewan, and the son of a residential school survivor. Randal is currently employed by Alberta Health Services as the senior advisor for Addiction and Mental Health at the Provincial Indigenous Wellness Core. He has managed multiple projects exploring Indigenous Addiction and Mental Health service needs and recently led the development of the Indigenous Addictions and Mental Wellness Strategy for Alberta. Randal has held various social care and health management positions in Saskatchewan, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Alberta. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, a Master of Public Health, and will be starting his PhD in Public Health at the University of Alberta next fall. In his spare time, Randal is the principal consultant of MacKenzie Indigenous Solutions. When he is not working, studying or consulting, Randal is on adventures with his wife Liv, and their daughter MacKenzie.

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