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Working with Physiotherapist Assistants – A Fireside Chat with Dominique Bailey, Preston Sloan, and Michèle Vaillant

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23 November 2023

Time: 8:00 AM


As we think about workforce planning and the future, we know that physiotherapists will need to work effectively with other members of the healthcare team. However, the College often hears comments that “physiotherapists don’t know how to work with physiotherapist assistants.”

During this informal “fireside chat” Sean FitzGerald will speak to leaders from physiotherapist assistant training programs to discuss the skills and education that graduates of PTA academic programs bring to the healthcare workforce.

Discussion topics will include:

  • An overview of what formal PTA training programs include.
  • Suggestions for how physiotherapists could work more effectively with PTAs.
  • Things that physiotherapists need to keep in mind when working with PTAs.
  • Examples of misuse of PTAs in clinical practice.

Dominique Bailey
Project Control Specialist
Faculty of Health Studies, Norquest College

Dominique Bailey is a Project Control Specialist with the Faculty of Health Studies at Norquest College. Dominique is a physiotherapist assistant and an instructor with Norquest College’s Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Dominique previously served as the President of the Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta.

Preston Sloan
Coordinator - Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Medicine Hat College

Preston Sloan is a physiotherapist and the coordinator of Medicine Hat College’s Occupational Therapist Assistant /Physical Therapist Assistant Program. Preston is also an instructor in the Therapist Assistant Programs (OTA/PTA & SLPA) at Medicine Hat College.

Michèle Vaillant
Chair of the Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Diploma Program
Norquest College

Michèle Vaillant is a physiotherapist and Chair of the Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant Diploma Program, Faculty of Health Sciences at Norquest College in Edmonton. Michèle currently Chairs of the Canadian Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physical Therapist Assistant Educators Council (COPEC). She also has 10 years of clinical experience in private practice, and acute care orthopedics.

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