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Client-Centered Care

Client-Centered Care Standard of Practice PDF


The physiotherapist integrates a client-centered approach in all aspects of physiotherapy service delivery.

Expected outcome

Clients can expect that they will be treated respectfully and their input will be valued, acknowledged, and integrated into all aspects of physiotherapy service delivery.

Performance expectations

The physiotherapist:

  • Treats clients in a manner that recognizes and appreciates their autonomy, uniqueness, goals, and self-worth at all times.
  • Values the best interests of clients.
  • Involves clients in decision-making regarding their care, respecting their independence and right to refuse or withdraw from treatment at any time.
  • Communicates with clients to facilitate their understanding of the care plan and how it addresses their goals, outlines the risks and benefits of services, and obtains informed consent.
  • Monitors clients’ responses throughout service delivery, adjusting and modifying interventions/approaches as required, and obtaining ongoing informed consent.
  • Treats all clients with compassion, respect, and dignity throughout the course of their care.
  • Terminates the therapeutic relationship with clients making appropriate arrangements for transfer of care or discontinuation of services.

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Page updated: 03/01/2024