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Client Assessment, Diagnosis, Interventions

Client Assessment, Diagnosis, Interventions Standard of Practice PDF


The physiotherapist demonstrates proficiency in client assessment, diagnosis, and interventions to deliver quality client-centered services.

Expected outcome

Clients can expect the physiotherapist to select appropriate assessment tools, make an informed physiotherapy diagnosis, and apply intervention procedures that are carried out proficiently for quality delivery of physiotherapy services.

Performance expectations

The physiotherapist:

  • Obtains clients’ ongoing informed consent to proposed services.
  • Applies appropriate assessment procedures to evaluate clients’ health status using standardized measures as available.
  • Uses critical thinking and professional judgment to interpret the assessment findings and determine a physiotherapy diagnosis.
  • Collaborates with clients, and develops realistic intervention plans to address clients’ needs and goals.
  • Applies intervention procedures safely and effectively.
  • Assigns appropriate tasks to supervisees with clients’ consent.
  • Re-evaluates and monitors clients’ responses throughout the course of interventions, making adjustments and discontinuing services that are no longer required or effective.
  • Makes appropriate referrals when clients’ needs are best addressed in collaboration with/or by another provider.
  • Collaborates with clients and other providers as appropriate to plan and implement discharge plans.
  • Provides client education to enable and optimize clients’ transition to self-management.
  • Promotes continuity in service by collaborating and facilitating clients’ transition from one health sector or provider to another.
  • Delivers only services that are clinically indicated for clients and that he/she is competently able to provide.
  • Advocates within her/his capabilities and context of practice for clients to obtain the resources they require to meet their health goals.

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Page updated: 22/04/2022