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Diversity and Inclusion in Physiotherapy Practice

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10 April 2019

Do you feel uncertain about how to approach and build a therapeutic relationship with a person from a gender or sexual minority group? Are you concerned you may say the ‘wrong thing’? Want to increase your knowledge and understanding of how identifying as a member of a gender or sexual minority can impact on health and health care? This session discusses:

  • The lexicon of gender and sexual identity and the importance of clear, appropriate, inclusive language.
  • The barriers that individuals from gender and sexual minority communities encounter when accessing health care and the impact these barriers can have on their health.
  • Measures that health-care providers can adopt to help to create safe, inclusive spaces for people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.


Maxi Miciak, PT, PhD, completed her doctoral studies in Rehabilitation Science at the University of Alberta (UofA), Edmonton, Canada. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Alberta Innovates and University of Alberta, serving as the inaugural Cy Frank Fellow in Impact Assessment. Her research focuses on operationalizing patient-centred care by developing, implementing, and evaluating care models that impact the patient-practitioner therapeutic relationship, including how health services and policies support this relationship. She is currently engaged in developing frameworks to evaluate research impact on informed decision making and the scale and spread of research and innovation in the health system.

Jenny Setchell, PT, PhD, currently holds conjoint Research Fellow positions in physiotherapy at the Universities of Queensland and Toronto. Her research interests include post-structuralist critical perspectives on healthcare broadly, and physiotherapy specifically. Her PhD was in psychology focused on weight stigma in physiotherapy. Dr Setchell also has 20 years of diverse clinical physiotherapy experience in Australia and internationally primarily in the musculoskeletal and sports sub-disciplines. She is a founding member, and co-chairs the executive committee of the international Critical Physiotherapy Network. She is also a member of the International Society for Critical Health Psychology.

Meaghan Peters is a physiotherapist at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton who has personal experience with the local trans community and is passionate about trans equality and gender issues in healthcare.

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