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Episode 26: Treatment and Counselling Following Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct

Episode 26: Treatment and Counselling Following Sexual Abuse or Sexual Misconduct

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15 July 2021

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It’s the second anniversary of College Conversations! This episode takes us back to the discussions of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct of patients by regulated health professionals, which was the spark that led to the creation of the podcast.  

We begin the episode by reviewing key definitions related to changes to the Health Professions Act which were passed in late 2018.

We go on to discuss the patient relations program that the College established in response to those legislative amendments. This includes the funding program created to provide financial support for treatment and counselling of patients, if a complaint is made respecting a physiotherapist that relates to sexual abuse of or sexual misconduct towards the patient by the physiotherapist.

At the 9:03 mark, we talk about changes made to mandatory education requirements for all new and recent applicants to the College. These changes are designed to ensure that all Alberta physiotherapists have a basic understanding of the legislation, key definitions, and why and how the Standard of Practice – Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct and related guidance documents apply to their practice.


Note: Physiotherapy Alberta - College + Association operates as The College of Physiotherapist of Alberta as of April 2022

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