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Safety Standard of Practice PDF


The physiotherapist promotes and maintains a safe environment for clients, health-care providers, her/himself, and others to support quality services.

Expected outcome

Clients can expect to be safe in the care of the physiotherapist and in the practice environment.

Performance expectations

The physiotherapist:

  • Adheres to safety best practices and applicable legislation to promote a safe practice environment.
  • Maintains competency in safety protocols by participating in appropriate training related to safe environments, including adherence to occupational health and workplace safety legislation.
  • Maintains a clean, accessible, and safe environment which promotes the safety of clients through all aspects of physiotherapy service delivery.
  • Uses routine practices relevant to her/his practice context (e.g., personal protective equipment).
  • Verifies clients’ identities to confirm that the intended services are provided to the appropriate individuals.
  • Informs clients about how to call for assistance if help is required during services.
  • Incorporates appropriate measures to maintain the health and safety of clients, her/himself, and colleagues during the provision of physiotherapy services.
  • Complies with reporting procedures related to near misses and incidents occurring in the workplace.
  • Applies the appropriate safety procedures when using equipment in physiotherapy practice.

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Page updated: 03/01/2024