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Episode 35: Bringing Professionalism to Your Social Media Presence

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15 April 2022

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Speakers:  Leanne Loranger and Susan Paul

In this episode, Leanne speaks with Susan Paul of the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia about trends seen among physiotherapists on social media. The episode starts with a discussion of the aspirational aspects of the Code of Ethical Conduct and who physiotherapists are called to be in all our professional interactions, including those that take place on social media. From there, Susan and Leanne go on to talk about core expectations established in the Standards of Practice, challenging scenarios that they have encountered in recent years, and key considerations related to professional communication on social media.

Social media can be a powerful tool when used professionally to share credible information. Check out this episode to hear Leanne and Susan’s thoughts about how to be intentional in social media use to mitigate against the risks encountered when using these platforms.


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