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Professionalism in the Era of Social Media

17 March 2022

Original Date: March 17, 2022

Social media use among regulated health professionals is increasingly common. With increasing activity, there has also been an increase in concerns and complaints received by health profession regulators related to professional conduct on social media platforms.

How can regulated physiotherapists avoid misadventure when using social media? This 90-minute session will cover:

  • The status and weight given to comments made by regulated professionals in general and how this affects how professionals ought to conduct themselves publicly. 
  • The unique risks that social media presents as compared to other forms of communication or other off duty conduct.
  • Actions or behaviours that increase a physiotherapist's risk of running into trouble with their regulatory body.
  • The Strom case and what that finding means for regulated professionals when communicating via social media.
  • What physiotherapists need to be thoughtful of when engaging via social media. 


Jason Kully: Jason is a partner at Field LLP who devotes a significant portion of his practice to advising clients in the practice area of professional regulation. Jason serves as a legal advisor in a variety of matters including governance, conduct and discipline, and professional development. Jason believes in staying informed and frequently writes articles on recent developments in professional regulation. He has also provided training on a variety of topics.

Click here to watch the webinar.

Course Materials

Handout - Unprofessional Conduct and the Use of Social Media.pdf

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