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Message from the Registrar

I hope you all have recognized the newsletter brand this month is different. On behalf of our Council and staff, we are pleased to announce that Physiotherapy Alberta – College + Association is now operating under a new name and brand: the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta.

Since Council approved the action plan to move ahead to a single mandate regulatory organization in response to Bill 46 the Health Statutes Amendment Act (2020), we have been working diligently to prepare for this transition. Our work encompassed:

  • The development of regulatory principles that guide the organization in distinguishing regulatory activities from association activities
  • Divestment of association activities
  • Adoption of a new five-year strategic plan as a single mandate organization
  • Initial support to establish the Alberta Association of Physiotherapy
  • Development of a new brand including a new name, logo, and website

Our new website address will be and our email addresses will end with

The College is incorporated under the Health Professions Act as Physiotherapy Alberta – College + Association and this will remain our legal name until the Health Professions Act is amended; however, we will be operating and doing business as the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta.

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta’s commitment to the safe, effective delivery of quality physiotherapy for all Albertans by regulating physiotherapists’ practices remains unchanged. By ensuring the right systems and processes are in place, the College is able to meet the public’s expectations for the delivery of safe and effective physiotherapy.

Page updated: 06/05/2022