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Maintain Your Information

Under the Health Professions Act, regulated members are required, within 30 days, to report changes to their name, contact information, academic record, employment, restricted activities performed, and registration with another college.

Use My Profile in your Member Portal to report changes as they occur.

The College collects a lot of information from its regulated members. Everything from where regulated members work, the age of patients treated, what education a regulated member received and what restricted activities they perform. Who cares and why do you need to share?

First and foremost, the information collected is used to determine eligibility for registration, maintain the physiotherapist registers and implement the investigation and discipline process. That is why under the Health Professions Act, you are required to report changes within 30 days.

Regulated member information is also used to support the following activities:

  • Verify a Physiotherapist

The College’s public register makes it easy for patients to verify that anyone using the title physiotherapist, physical therapist or P.T. in Alberta is registered with the College. The public register also informs patients of any conditions on the physiotherapist’s practice permit, activities authorized, clinical specialist title authorized and disciplinary actions.

  • Health systems and policy development

The College is required by law to provide demographic, education and practice information to the Minister of Health to support the Provincial Provider Registry.

  • Workforce planning

Since 2007, anonymous member data has been provided to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). All Canadian physiotherapist regulators provide the same information so there is standardized data for physiotherapists in Canada. This information supports health human resource monitoring and evaluation, planning, research and policy activities. There is a series of reports and data files on the CIHI website, if you are interested in national supply trends for physiotherapists.

The College also publishes provincial trends in supply and practice in its Annual Report to inform policy makers and researchers.

Steps you can take to ensure you meet your reporting responsibilities

  1. Be familiar with the mandatory reporting requirements. Click here to see the complete list.
  2. Login to your Member Portal and look for the MY Profile form. This is the information the College has on your record. Update the form if required to ensure it is current.
  3. Throughout the year, report changes to any information collected on MY Profile within 30 days.

Page updated: 02/02/2023