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Maintain your Information

Under the Health Professions Act, you are required, within 30 days, to report changes to your name, contact information, academic record, employment, restricted activities performed, and registration with another college. You are also required to report any criminal charges, convictions and unprofessional conduct to the Registrar as soon as reasonably possible. 

Use My Profile in the Member Portal to report changes as they occur.

Your name(s)

  • Current Practice Name. This is the name that appears on your practice permit and Public Register and, therefore, the name you use when practicing physiotherapy.
  • Other Names. Your registration record must contain all your names even if it is not the name in which you practice. This includes full legal name, previous name, maiden name, alias or adopted/married name. For example, married physiotherapists who adopt their spouse's last name but continue to use their maiden name in practice must still report the adopted name.

Contact information

  • Current residence address
  • Home telephone number
  • Email address

Academic Record

  • Physiotherapy qualifying education. Reported at initial application and appears in My Profile without the ability for the registrant to change. 
  • Other University-level education.

Restricted Activities

  • You are required to report which restricted activities you perform. Some restricted activities require additional authorization. Click here for more information.

Specialist Title

Registration other Jurisdictions

  • Other jurisdictions you are currently or were previously registered as a physiotherapist or other regulated professional.

Practice Location

Record of all practice locations during the current registration year.

  • Organization
  • Direct telephone to reach you at the organization (this number also appears in the Verify a Physiotherapist search function)
  • Role (permanent, temporary, casual)
  • Type (full-time, part-time)
  • Practice scope 
  • Age range of patients
  • Areas of practice (maximum 4).

Criminal and Conduct Information

You must self-report to the Registrar the following information as soon as reasonably possible:

  • A decision of unprofessional conduct by another regulated body in any jurisdiction
  • Any findings of professional negligence
  • Any charge or convictions of an offense under the Criminal Code (Canada).


With the exception of regulatory notice, the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta will only send electronic communication which you explicitly consent to receive.  

Page updated: 21/05/2022