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2022 Continuing Competence Program Activities

Physiotherapists on the General Register must complete two Continuing Competence Program activities before renewing their practice permit in August/September. One activity is a Self-Selected Activity, and the other is a College-Selected Activity. Both support physiotherapists to learn and grow.

Self-Selected Activity

This is an activity you choose to DO provided it results in significant, meaningful and sustained improvement in both your personal competence, and either patient care practice or physiotherapy/health-care services.

Two tips to ensure you meet the program requirements:

  1. The activity you chose must be completed after October 1, 2021 and before you apply to renew your practice permit, or in other words during the current registration year.
  2. You provide a response to ALL questions in the Practice Improvement Record (PIR). The PIR has two main sections each with a series of questions or prompts to ensure you describe not only WHAT you did but WHY you did it and WHAT was the outcome or impact. You must provide a reasonable response or description for all questions and prompts.

While the reflective reporting process helps to consolidate learning, this is not an essay contest. Point form is fine as is a narrative. It is more important that all the required content is provided. You are not evaluated or judged on your writing style.

Further resources:

Website content: Self-Selected Activity

College Conversation Podcast: Competence Program

College-Selected Activity

The 2022 College-Selected Activity is on the topic of professionalism. The purpose of the College-Selected Activity is to raise the professions’ collective awareness of issues related to expectations for professional behaviour and risks and challenges inherent in being a member of a regulated health profession as societal expectations and norms for professionalism evolve.

When you renew your practice permit in August/September you will be expected to make a declaration respecting completion of the objectives and activities set out for the 2022 College-Selected Activity, namely you have:

  • Reviewed the Code of Ethical Conduct and Domain 7 of the Essential Competency Profile and understand the expectations for professional behaviour described in these documents.
  • Reflected on your professional responsibilities to clients, the public and the profession.
  • Considered the challenges you face to maintaining professionalism and your risks to professional practice.

Further resources:

Website content: 2022 College-Selected Activity

I haven’t worked since October 1, 2021. Do I still need to complete the Continuing Competence Program activities?

Yes. Despite not working you are still a regulated member and therefore required to fully participate in the competence program.

I plan to cancel my registration when my permit expires September 30, 2022. Do I still need to complete the competence program activities?

Yes. You are accountable for completing the 2021/2022 competence program requirements during the 2021/2022 registration year. Despite your intention to cancel your registration at the end of the registration year you must complete the activities as if you were renewing. When you apply to reinstate your registration, you will be required to demonstrate that you completed the required activities, including the PIR, during the 2021/2022 registration year.

Page updated: 07/07/2022