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Leaving Alberta

You may be required to provide verification of registration with the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta if you apply for registration as a physiotherapist outside Alberta.

Some jurisdictions have their own verification request form which the College will complete and return directly to the regulatory authority. Always contact the regulatory authority where you are applying to determine their requirements.

If the regulatory authority DOES NOT have their own form, complete the online Release of Regulatory History Request Form

Registration documents and emails from all applicants and members are placed in a queue and dealt with in the order they are received. We try to deal with them in six business days, however, processing time does take longer when there is a high volume.

Under the Health Professions Act, individuals practicing as a physiotherapist in Alberta and using the title physiotherapist or physical therapist or abbreviation PT must be registered and have a valid practice permit. If you are no longer practicing as a physiotherapist in Alberta you have two options.

Continue to maintain registration as a physiotherapist in Alberta

You do not need to work in Alberta to be registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta. You may continue to maintain registration as a physiotherapist in Alberta provided the following registration requirements are met:

  • Professional liability insurance as a practicing member covering practice in Alberta
  • Experience
  • Continuing Competence Program
  • Good Character and Reputation

Ensure your employment details accurately reflect that you are not "delivering physiotherapy services". For example, if you are on leave (whether for maternity leave, sick leave or other leave) and not "delivering services", end your employment and add it when you return to practice.

Click here for information about the ongoing renewal requirements.

Cancel Your Registration with the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta

You do not have to keep your registration if you are not using the protected titles or working in Alberta as a physiotherapist. You may cancel your registration. Send your cancellation request to the College at

Should you return to Alberta to practice as a physiotherapist you will need to apply to reinstate your registration prior to returning to work. The reinstatement process is different than the renewal process with different registration requirements and timelines.

Under the Health Professions Act, you are required, within 30 days, to report changes to your name, contact information, employment and registration with another college.

The easiest way to meet this requirement is by updating your My Profile in the Member Portal.

Page updated: 25/09/2023