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The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta is obligated under the Health Professions Act to establish a continuing competence program that helps members to maintain competence and enhance the provision of professional services. These Continuing Competence Program Rules address various aspects of the program including details on program requirements and member selection.

Required Activities

Each registration year, prior to renewing their practice permit, all regulated members on the General Register are required to satisfactorily complete one Self-Selected Activity and one College-Selected Activity and its associated record of participation. Satisfactory completion of both activities is a condition for the renewal of a practice permit.

Self-Selected Activity

  1. Members must participate in one Self-Selected Activity annually.
  2. The Self-Selected Activity must achieve significant, meaningful and sustained improvements in the member’s personal competence, and either patient care practices or physiotherapy/health-care services.

Must always improve:

(1) PERSONAL COMPETENCE via the acquisition of current knowledge or skills which updates and reinforces existing knowledge or skills or supports the development of new competencies.

Must improve 2 or 3

(2) PATIENT CARE PRACTICES as evidenced by tangible results which can be measured (i.e., outcomes, effectiveness, efficiency).


(3) PHYSIOTHERAPY OR HEALTH CARE SERVICES as evidenced by tangible or measurable outputs (i.e., products, directives, indicators).

  1. Members must select a Self-Selected Activity from a list of options provided by the College. Members may participate in an activity not on the College list provided it meets the criteria for a Self-Selected Activity described in bullet #2.
  2. After participating in the Self-Selected Activity, the member must complete a Practice Improvement Record on a form provided by and to the satisfaction of the Registrar which includes, but is not limited to, the following reporting criteria.
    1. Details of the Self-Selected Activity.
    2. Reflection on how participation in the Self-Selected Activity improved personal competence, and either patient care practices or physiotherapy/health-care services.
    3. Resources used for practice improvement (e.g., assessments, audits, references, reports, scales, articles, course notes).
  3. A review of members’ Practice Improvement Record will be conducted by the College to ensure compliance with the reporting criteria described in bullet #4.
  4. The records review is conducted under the direction of the Registrar.
  5. A stratified random sampling method is used to identify members whose Practice Improvement Record is selected for review each year.
  6. If a review of the record is not satisfactory, the Registrar may direct the member to undertake any of the actions in section 23 of the Physical Therapists Profession Regulation.

College-Selected Activity

  1. Members must participate in one College-Selected Activity annually.
  2. The nature and format of the College-Selected Activity is determined by the College based on the organization’s need to serve the public interest. As such the activity will vary from year-to-year and may include, but is not limited to: competence assessment (e.g., jurisprudence examination), educational modules, self-assessment, reflection activities, or knowledge tests.
  3. Members must individually submit their College-Selected Activity using a reporting platform provided by the College, notwithstanding that members are encouraged to discuss and work collaboratively on their submission.
  4. Members must satisfactorily complete the College-Selected Activity. Success criteria will vary based on the nature and format of the activity. Success criteria will be communicated to members at the time of notification to complete.


  1. Members requesting a deferral from either the Self-Selected Activity and/or the College-Selected Activity must provide their request in writing to the Registrar and include evidence to support their request.
  2. The Registrar must, in writing, advise the member of their decision as to whether the deferral as requested by the member has been granted, with or without conditions as the Registrar may deem necessary.


  1. Members who apply for their registration to be reinstated on the General Register are required to complete any outstanding Self-Selected Activity and/or College-Selected Activity for the year they were last registered before their registration will be reinstated.
  2. Members who apply for their registration to be reinstated on the General Register who have not completed the Reflective Practice Review for the year they were last registered will be required to complete the Self-Selected Activity for the current program within 3 months of reinstatement.

Referral to the Complaints Director

  1. The Health Professions Act requires the Registrar to make a referral to the Complaints Director if the regulated member, in the opinion of the Registrar, has intentionally provided false or misleading information.
  2. Failure or refusal to comply with the continuing competence program requirements is considered unprofessional conduct under the Health Professions Act.
Continuing Competence Program Rules

Page updated: 16/05/2022