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What Does It Mean to Be a Professional in 2021?

18 November 2021

Although it can be easy to identify when an interaction with a health professional doesn’t “feel right”, defining professionalism can be difficult. Can a person “learn” to be a professional? If so, how can we develop our professionalism skills? How has the concept of professionalism changed over time? How does culture and context factor into a person’s understanding of what it means to be a professional? 


Sue Murphy, BHSc, MEd is the Department Head and an Associate Professor of Teaching at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Physical Therapy. Sue loves to teach and share her passion for physical therapy and for all things professional. Her areas of teaching interest include professionalism and professional issues, teaching and learning, and topics related to the provision of clinical education. Sue is also interested in Interprofessional education and is currently the Interprofessional Theme Lead for the MD Undergraduate program at UBC.

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Course Materials

What Does It Mean to Be a Professional in 2021? Handout

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