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Responding to Disclosures of Family Violence

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15 September 2022

Date: September 15, 2022

Have you ever encountered a patient who you suspected was experiencing family violence? Have you ever had a patient tell you that a family member was abusive and been uncertain how to respond?

This introductory workshop will give physiotherapists tools and skills to better understand, respond, and support patients who may be experiencing family violence. Topics discussed include examining types of violence, understanding the role of power, responding to disclosures of violence, barriers faced by those targeted by violence and providing community resources.


Monique Methot, RSW, is the Family Violence Educator at The Today Centre, and a social worker with a passion for prevention education and community building. In the past 15 years she has worked to support strong communities through education, advocacy, and contributing to inter-agency initiatives such as: Trauma Informed Edmonton, the Out of School Time Collective, and the award-winning Don't Be That Guy sexual violence prevention campaign.

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