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Episode 60: Legislative Responsibilities – Not Knowing Can Hurt You

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15 May 2024

Speakers: Jody Prohar and Leanne Loranger

Physiotherapists adhere to the legislation that applies to their practice. That responsibility is enshrined in the Code of Ethical Conduct. But what legislation, exactly, is included when we say that?

In this episode, Jody and Leanne review some of the often-overlooked legislation that applies to practice and its relevance to physiotherapists, including the:

· Radiation Protection Act

· Protection for Persons in Care Act

· Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act

· Occupational Health and Safety Act, and

· Public Health Act

We begin with a discussion of the Radiation Protection Act, which was repealed in 2021, and the legislation established in its place to regulate lasers.

Later in the episode, we discuss the practice setting inspections enabled by the Occupational Health and Safety and Public Health Acts. Are you aware that inspectors have the legislated authority under both Acts to perform practice site inspections? What can we learn from physiotherapists who have had their practice settings inspected?

What are our legislated responsibilities as physiotherapists? Listen to this episode to learn more!


Page updated: 15/05/2024