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Episode 44: Proactively Addressing Advertising Issues

Episode 44: Proactively Addressing Advertising Issues

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15 January 2023

Speakers:  Leanne Loranger and Jody Prohar

Do you know the rules related to advertising the physiotherapy services you provide? Each month the College receives several calls and emails from physiotherapists and patients alike asking if offers of free services, use of comparative statements, or other common marketing practices are permitted by the College.

In 2023, the College is instituting a proactive approach to enforce the Advertising Standard of Practice, implementing a tool to monitor the websites and social media profiles of physiotherapists. If the tool identifies an issue, the College will contact the registrant about the issue and advise them of the necessary changes. If an issue is not addressed, or reoccurs, it may result in a fine or conduct process, as it may be viewed as disregard for the Standards of Practice.

The College’s ultimate goal is to scan physiotherapy websites and social media accounts and find no issues. The hope is that through this process people will understand the seriousness of the matter and will take the necessary corrective actions.


Page updated: 27/04/2023