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Episode 41: FAQs about Supervising Physiotherapist Interns

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15 October 2022

Speakers:  Leanne Loranger and Sean FitzGerald

In this episode, Leanne and Sean talk about the diverse group of individuals that make up the physiotherapist intern population and the supervision of physiotherapist interns as they transition into practice in Alberta. They discuss the specific duties that the supervising physiotherapist needs to fulfill when they agree to be a supervisor, including assessing the physiotherapist intern’s skills, making a supervision plan, assigning activities to the physiotherapist intern, and providing ongoing supervision.  

Leanne and Sean talk through responsibilities of each party if something goes wrong at the 12:30 minute mark. At the 15:10 minute mark they discuss challenging scenarios that can arise related to billing for physiotherapy services provided by physiotherapist interns and considerations for hiring physiotherapist interns into remote and rural locations.


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