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Episode 39: Restricted Activities Update

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15 August 2022

Speakers:  Leanne Loranger and Jody Prohar

In this episode Jody and Leanne update listeners about changes that are on the horizon regarding the legislation pertaining to restricted activities in Alberta and discuss continuing competence considerations for physiotherapists who perform restricted activities.

August means practice permit renewal season, and one of the things that renewal always brings to mind is the issue of competence and continuing professional development. What should physiotherapists consider when it comes to competence development in the performance of a restricted activity? What about maintenance of competence in the performance of restricted activities? How does disuse of a clinical skill effect a physiotherapist’s ability to perform the skill safely?

Restricted activities are ones that come with risk of harm if performed by a person lacking the necessary knowledge, skills and judgment to perform the activity safely and effectively. It is imperative that physiotherapists are intentional in their actions and take proactive steps to maintain their skills related to the restricted activities that they are authorized to perform. 

Listen to the episode to learn more.


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