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Episode 37: Thinking About Opening a Physiotherapy Business? Start Here!

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15 June 2022

Speakers:  Leanne Loranger and Sean FitzGerald

In this episode, Sean and Leanne talk about the provision of professional services process and rules that apply to private businesses seeking to offer physiotherapy services in Alberta.

When physiotherapists work in private business settings that are owned by individuals who are not regulated health professionals there is a risk that the physiotherapist will not be able to meet the expectations established in the Standards of Practice. This risk arises because the physiotherapist may not have full control over the business practices of their employer, or because their employer may not fully understand the requirements of the College and our governing legislation.

  • Where does the College get its authority to require businesses to apply for authorization to provide physiotherapy services?
  • Who does this process apply to?
  • Why did the College put these rules in place?
  • What is the role and responsibilities of the Most Responsible Physiotherapist?
  • Why do some business owners need to include their operating policies and procedures with their application?
  • What does “Practice in Association” mean and why does it matter for physiotherapists thinking of opening a business in a shared location?

Listen to this episode to learn the answers to these questions and more!

Thinking of opening a new physiotherapy business? Start here.

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