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Episode 17: Provision of Services

Episode 17: Provision of Services

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15 October 2020

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Provision of services rules are in place to guide the processes by which the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta approves practice settings where physiotherapy services are provided. In this episode Jody and Leanne talk about the evolution of regulation of physiotherapy practice settings in Alberta and the provision of services rules currently in place. We discuss when these rules apply and the application requirements for different types of physiotherapy practices.

Have you ever wondered what the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta means when we talk about the “most responsible physiotherapist” or why there are different application requirements depending on who owns a practice setting? Check out this episode to find the answers to these questions and more!


Note: Physiotherapy Alberta - College + Association operates as The College of Physiotherapist of Alberta as of April 2022

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