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Self-Selected Activity: Just Do It

Regulated members who were on the General Register before June 1 are required to complete a Self-Selected Activity and write about it in the Practice Improvement Record BEFORE they can renew their practice permit. Time is running out.  

If you are not renewing your practice permit for the 2021/2022 registration year (e.g., on leave or traveling), the expectation is that you complete the Practice Improvement Record BEFORE the end of the September.

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta’s DO.LEARN.GROW’s Self-Selected Activity involves the following steps:

  • Review this list for the types of activities that could be used for your Self-Selected Activity
  • Review the requirements for the Self-Selected Activity
  • Access your 2020/21 Practice Improvement Record in the Member Portal
  • Write about your experiences in a Practice Improvement Record
  • Submit your Practice Improvement Record when you apply to renew your practice permit

Note: You may change and update your Practice Improvement Record anytime before you submit your renewal. Once your renewal is submitted, the Practice Improvement Record is locked and is only available to view.

When you complete your Practice Improvement Record:

  • Write about an activity that stretched you, that resulted in significant improvements in practice and that you can tell a great story about (sentence form or point form acceptable).
  • Use reporting as an opportunity to consolidate your thoughts and extend your learning.
  • Set aside enough time to thoroughly discuss all questions posed.
  • Answer all questions in the Practice Improvement Record providing detailed explanations on how your activity improved your competence and patient care and/or the physiotherapy/health-care service.
  • Consider using the Guiding Questions to prompt reflection.
  • In your story list two or more resources to illustrate you are using current resources.

Need more information about the Self-Selected Activity and Practice Improvement Record? Click here for more information.

For questions, comments or advice, contact the Continuing Competence Program at: 780-438-0338 or competence@cpta.ab.ca

Page updated: 20/04/2022