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Self-Selected Activity: Get Started

Regulated physiotherapists on the General Register are required under the Health Professions Act to participate in the College's Continuing Competence Program. The Program has two components that must be completed each registration year: the Self-Selected Activity and the College-Selected Activity.

Have you completed your 2023 Self-Selected Activity? Your Self-Selected Activity must be completed before you apply to renew your practice permit in August/September.

Completion of the Self-Selected Activity involves the following steps:

  1. Complete a Self-Selected Activity.
  2. Access your Practice Improvement Record in the Member Portal and write about your experiences in the Practice Improvement Record
  3. Submit your Practice Improvement Record.
Self-Selected Activity Options

There are many options available for a Self-Selected Activity. An activity can include:

  1. Practice Monitoring such as self-assessment including test taking, third-party assessments such as performance reviews, workplace assessments, accreditation, and quality improvement projects.
  2. Knowledge Gathering or Translation such as attending formally organized in-person earning activities, online or self-organized learning, and presenting of research.
  3. Professional Collaboration such as supervision, volunteering, and professional group work

Choose an activity that “stretches” you, that resulted in significant, sustained, meaningful change in personal competence and patient care or the health service. Then write about it in the Practice Improvement Record.

Your completed Practice Improvement Record must:

  • Be an authentic and meaningful representation of what you did to improve competence and enhance professional practice (patient care/work environment).
  • Provide specific details about the activity you completed.
  • Name resources/research used to improve practice (e.g., evidence, articles, guidelines, reports, scales, audits).
  • Provide a thorough description of how completing the activity impacted your personal competence and impacted (or might have impacted) patient care or physiotherapy/health-care services.

When you complete your Practice Improvement Record:

  • Write about a “stretch” activity that resulted in improved practice that you can tell a great story about (sentence form or point form acceptable).
  • Use reporting as an opportunity to consolidate your thoughts and extend your learning.
  • Set aside enough time to thoroughly discuss all questions posed.
  • Answer all questions in the Practice Improvement Record providing detailed explanations on how your activity improved your competence and patient care and/or the physiotherapy/ health-care service.
  • Consider using the Guiding Questions to prompt reflection.
  • In your story list two or more resources to illustrate you are using current resources

If you are stuck, check out one of these eleven examples of real stories from real physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists who are planning to take a leave of absence and are not renewing their practice permits must also complete the 2023 College-Selected Activity during the current registration year (before October 1, 2023).

Page updated: 08/09/2023