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Council News: November 2023

Restricted Reserve Policy

As a component of the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta’s risk management strategy, the Restricted Reserve Fund is maintained in the event CPTA incurs liabilities for decommissioning the organization or for other unexpected events. MNP was contracted to conduct a review and provide recommendations for the organization’s reserve policy to obtain best practices around fund maintenance and to develop a quantifiable measure for the reserves and how to allocate the amounts. Council approved the proposed restricted reserve policy and this policy will be reviewed annually.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Over the last decade, there have been several initiatives related to ethics and professional values in physiotherapy in Canada. One initiative included a national harmonized code of ethical conduct for the profession and the second initiative was the development of core professional values. Two separate documents with important elements in guiding the profession exist and it was proposed these documents be integrated into one document. The core professional values were integrated into the Code of Ethical Conduct to make the foundational relationship between professional values and ethical conduct clear.

Council approved the draft Code of Ethical Conduct for circulation to registrants as per section 133(2) of the Health Professions Act.

Governance Committee Term Extension

The Governance Committee was appointed in November 2022 and is comprised of Jacky Chow, Michael Stewart, and Dennis Horrigan. The terms of reference for this committee state:

The Committee Chair and the members of the Governance Committee shall serve for a minimum of one (1) year. A member continues to hold office after the expiry of the member’s term of office until the member is re-appointed or a successor is appointed.

The council approved an extension of the current governance committee terms until June 2024. This allows the appointment cycle for the Governance Committee to be consistent with the appointment cycle for officers and members at large of the Executive Committee.

Page updated: 05/12/2023