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Council News: June 2023

2023/2024 Fee Schedule

Council has agreed to no fee changes for the 2023/2024 registration year. The fee schedule will remain the same as the 2022/2023 year.

Election of Officers and Appointment of Member for Executive Committee

Melissa Merritt was acclaimed as the Council President for this term. Michael Stewart was acclaimed as the Vice-President. In addition to the President and Vice President, Sharon Sproule and Bobby McGugan were appointed to the Executive Committee as Members at Large.

2022 Annual Report

The 2022 Annual Report was approved by Council.

Bylaw Amendments

Bylaw 19 Automatic Termination of a Regulated Member of Council and Bylaw 21 Eligibility for Appointments of Regulated Members to Council were amended.

Bylaw 19 now includes that a regulated member of Council automatically ceases to be a council member if the member has had a complaint referred to or is the subject of a hearing tribunal or appeal under Part 4 of the Health Professions Act.

Bylaw 21 was amended to include a regulated member is not eligible for appointment to Council if:

  1. They had their practice permit suspended or their registration cancelled following a finding or admission of unprofessional conduct under Part 4 of the HPA within the past five years;
  2. There is an unconcluded proceeding under Part 4 of the HPA;
  3. They are currently subject to an undertaking, a condition imposed under Part 4 of the HPA or a direction under section 118 of the Act,
  4. Fees, costs, fines, levies or any other sums are owed to the College by the individual;
  5. They have been employed at the College within the past five years; or
  6. They have been an officer or a senior employee of a professional association or a labour union that represents members of a regulated health profession within the past five years.

Page updated: 10/07/2023