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2022 Council Election Update

Every March, an election is held where physiotherapists on the General Register elect two candidates to serve a three-year term on the Council of the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta. In this election cycle, a call for nominations for the 2022 Council Election was sought between December 2, 2021, and January 27, 2022. The Election was to take place between March 23, 2022, and April 21, 2022.

This year, the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta only received two completed nominations meeting the eligibility criteria as set in the bylaws. As there are two vacant positions, these two nominees will be appointed to a three-year term on Council and a 2022 Council Election will not be held.

We would like to welcome Michael Stewart and Bobby McGugan who will be joining fellow colleagues Melissa Merritt, Jacky Chow, Grant Fedoruk, and William Tung and our public members Dennis Horrigan and Sharon Sproule on the Council of the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta in June 2022.

The College of Physiotherapists of Alberta would like to recognize the time and dedication of Karin Eldred, who is completing two terms on Council, serving as President for the last two years and Amarjit Mann who is completing her term on Council.

Page updated: 26/04/2022