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2021 Student Leadership Award

The Student Leadership Award for 2021 has been awarded to Rachel Stokes. The student leadership recipient fosters professional leadership skills of future members by recognizing a student who promotes leadership within the student community, is actively involved in professional and regulatory issues, and promotes the profession within the general community. 

Rachel has demonstrated leadership in serving as Rehabilitation Medicine Students Association (RMSA) representative for their class and later serving as President of the RMSA in 2020-21.  Rachel assisted with the creation of the Physical Therapy Students Association, which aimed to provide physiotherapy students with opportunities for leadership, professional development, networking events and community involvement.  

In addition to student leadership, Rachel participated in leadership activities to promote the profession at a community level, as well being actively involved in professional/regulatory affairs at a national level.  

Congratulations, Rachel!

Page updated: 20/04/2022