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Council Election

The process to collect nominations for the 2022 Council Election will begin in December 2021. Two vacant Council positions must be filled by members on the General Register who reside in Alberta. 

Council is the governing body responsible for setting policy and strategic direction. Council is made up of:

  • Six physiotherapists elected by other physiotherapists.
  • Six government appointed public members who provide valuable and insightful public input and perspective into Council's policy and decision-making process.

The bylaws, however, do not prescribe the geographical region, practice setting or background of elected members. It is up to regulated members, through the nomination and voting process, to determine the final composition.

Council is responsible for:

  • Fulfilling our mandate to serve and protect Albertans by regulating the profession within the legal framework.
  • Leading and guiding the profession through policy and standard development. 
  • Approving standards of practice, code of ethics and practice guidelines.
  • Developing a strategic plan, monitoring progress, and reporting to government on its activities.
  • Proposing changes to governing legislation.
  • Approving the annual budget.
  • Setting member fees.
  • Working collaboratively with the Registrar.

​Council also has specific legislative duties to hear conduct and registration appeals.

Meet the elected Council members continuing to serve.

Would you make a great councilor? Are you committed to:

  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Ethical Actions
  • Evidence-informed decisions

Is it time to give back to your profession and Albertans by putting your name on the election ballot? It means you would:

  • Be part of decisions and discussions that help serve the public and lead the profession.
  • Gain experience and insight into regulation, governance, and professional practice issues (e.g., registration, conduct, member issues).
  • Meet colleagues from around Alberta and learn from their knowledge and experiences.
  • Work with other leaders who are shaping the physiotherapy profession in Alberta.

Regulated physiotherapists interested in a position on Council are encouraged to review the following prior to the nomination process:

Council members are elected for a three-year term. The term of office begins the day of the first regular meeting of Council following the April election, anticipated to be June 2022.

Being a Council member requires a time commitment to:

  • Attend, in person, scheduled meetings (four one-day Council meetings per year, typically held in Edmonton on a Saturday).
  • Attend special meetings or events as necessary.
  • Prepare for meetings.
  • Travel to meetings.
  • Provide input on issues as they arise between Council meetings.
  • Be engaged and participate in all Council functions.

Support for the Council is a key responsibility of the Registrar. Success in leading the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta forward comes with a shared vision and respect for the competencies that each person brings to Council whether staff or volunteer leaders.

The Registrar works to provide policy and leadership support that results in effective decision making and helps to build a collaborative, respectful working relationship.

Aside from ongoing support provided by the Registrar you can expect:

  • An orientation session prior to the first meeting to help you fully understand the governing legislation and your responsibilities, the organization's structure, status of the current strategic direction and financial matters.
  • Comprehensive material, in advance of meetings, to help you understand the issues to be discussed and key issues and/or actions.
  • Reimbursement for travel and other meeting related expenses.
  • A per diem for attending meetings: $200 for attending a meeting up to 3 hours and $400 for attending a meeting over 3 hours.

You are eligible to put your name forward for Council election if you:

  • Are a regulated physiotherapist on the General Register.
  • Reside in Alberta.
  • Are a member in good standing; not involved in any unprofessional conduct matters within the last three years.
  • Are supported by two physiotherapists on the General Register (nominators).

Nomination steps:

  • You can self-nominate by submitting the online Nomination Form. As a member on the General Register, you will receive an email with a direct link to the online Nomination Form when it becomes available.
  • Provide a 400-word description of your professional qualifications, previous Board or Council experience and interest in the Council position. This is your candidate statement which is included in election information provided to voters in advance of the election.
  • Provide the names, registration numbers and email addresses of two members on the General Register who agree to support your nomination. 
  • Upload a picture of yourself to be included with your candidate statement in pre-election material.
  • Ensure your nominators confirm their support (instructions are provided on the nomination form).

Only nominations complete as of the deadline date (January 27, 2022 23:59) will be accepted. This includes confirmation from both supporters. 

Two candidates will be elected to serve a three-year term joining fellow colleagues Melissa Merritt, Jacky Chow, Grant Fedoruk, and William Tung. 

Members on the General Register will vote between March 23, 2022 and April 13, 2022 using an online voting system. A unique voting URL will be emailed to members when voting begins.

Election results will be posted to the College of Physiotherapists of Alberta’s website no later than April 21, 2022.

Page updated: 20/04/2022