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DO. LEARN. GROW. Continuing Competence Program 2023

Each year physiotherapists on the General Register take part in two Continuing Competence Program activities. One activity is a Self-Selected Activity and the other is a College-Selected Activity. Both support physiotherapists to learn and grow.

Self-Selected Activity

Is it time to start thinking about the 2023 Self-Selected Activity you will complete and reflect on in your Practice Improvement Record before September 2023?

The Practice Improvement Record is available now in your Member Portal. You may complete the form as soon as you complete your Self-Selected Activity or anytime before you renew your practice permit in August/September 2023.

Not sure what qualifies as a Self-Selected Activity? This is an activity you choose to DO provided it results in significant, meaningful, and sustained improvement in both your personal competence, and either patient care practice or physiotherapy/health-care services.

Click here for a list of examples.

Further resources:

Website content: Self-Selected Activity

College Conversation Podcast: Competence Program

College-Selected Activity

The 2023 College-Selected Activity will be announced in May/June.

Page updated: 08/11/2022